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HCG Diet Effects: Benefits and Risks

Effects of HCG Diet

Weight loss is the reason why adults turn to the HCG Diet. The ability to lose up to a pound a day without suffering from starvation is one draw. Another positive benefit is that the body sheds dangerous visceral fat, not muscle or structural fat. These superior HCG Diet effects can help anyone transform his or her body in a matter of weeks.

Of course, if you have more than forty pounds to lose, you should not expect to do it in one 6-week cycle of HCG injections. You will likely need multiple HCG cycles to reach your goal.

One of the positive effects of HCG Diet is seeing rapid results. You feel motivated when you get on the scale each day and see a lower number than the day before. Many people give up their current diets for lack of results. Why abstain from the foods you love if you do not lose weight? That is not the case on the HCG Diet. You stay motivated because you see continual results.

That does not mean that the HCG Diet is without risk. A doctor must prescribe HCG and supervise your progress to prevent adverse reactions. Used safely as prescribed, the HCG Diet is an extremely safe and effective way to lose weight fast.

Positive HCG Diet Effects for Weight Loss

The proof is in the numbers, and HCG Diet short-term effects often translate to between 5 and 10 pounds a week for most overweight men. The heavier you are at the start of the HCG Diet, the quicker you will lose weight. People typically lose the most weight during the first two weeks. Of course, some of this is water weight, but that is all right. The stored fatty deposits are the next targets.

Women who have less than fifty pounds to lose may see a drop of 3 to 7 pounds each week. If you have more weight to lose than that, the loss may increase. Anyone with less than twenty pounds of excess weight is not a candidate for the HCG Diet. Other methods will better help achieve that smaller goal. Speak with a clinical advisor at Weight Loss Medical Center to discuss all your options for losing weight.

Aside from losing weight and improving your appearance, here are some other positive HCG Diet effects to expect:

  • Lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Reduced risks of diabetes
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Improved cardiac functions – lower risk of cardiovascular disease or stroke
  • Reduced risk of osteoarthritis

Not only will you trim and tone your body by losing weight and protecting muscle mass, but you will also improve your health. You will look better in your clothes, and you will feel better and more energized in your daily life.

Potential Adverse HCG Diet Effects

The biggest risk of HCG Diet side effects occurs in people who use drops or pills instead of HCG injections. Only real HCG injected into the body will make its way to the brain to prevent the starvation responses that can occur with a very low-calorie diet. The drops and pills will not do this, leaving you feeling hungry and weak.

Most anything in life has positives and negatives. All medications come with some warnings, so, of course, there are potential adverse HCG Diet effects. Possible side effects of HCG injections include:

  • Headaches
  • Constipation
  • Leg cramps
  • Fatigue
  • Breast tenderness
  • Edema
  • Irritability
  • Temporary hair thinning
  • Blood clots

Our doctors and medical staff at Weight Loss Medical Center carefully prescribe and supervise the HCG Diet for safety and efficacy.

How to Get the Best Diet Effects for Weight Loss

There is only one way to ensure that you get the best HCG Diet long-term effects – contact an HCG doctor. Working with a medical expert in the field of HCG weight loss provides you with everything you need for success.

At Weight Loss Medical Center, we work tirelessly to assure your satisfaction and achievement of results. To that end, we have added our vitamin B12 and MIC/LIPO injections to your HCG protocol. The vitamin B12 increases energy, supports a healthy immune system, and aids in fat burning. The MIC/LIPO part of the shot features lipotropic agents that promote excretion of fat deposits and support liver functions.

These features, combined with allowing an increase of up to 700 calories a day, enables you to lose the maximum amount of weight in the shortest time.

You can also improve your results by engaging in thirty minutes of one of these activities each day:

  • Walking
  • Yoga
  • Bicycling
  • Swimming
  • Stretching

Just remember to keep your exercising light to moderate – no high-intensity or weight lifting allowed.

To learn more about how you can achieve these positive HCG Diet effects, please contact Weight Loss Medical Center for a free consultation.