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How HCG Diet Works

How HCG Diet Works

Obesity has become quite an epidemic in the United States, and adults are not the only ones suffering from this problem, which is why learning how HCG diet works could reverse that trend and help old and young get back into good shape. By cutting calories and forcing the body to burn fat rather than muscle tissue for fuel, a person can rapidly lose weight. That is not the only thing that will result in permanent weight loss. The way the brain perceives food must also be changed.

Although children under the age of 18 are not candidates for the HCG diet, they will benefit from the changes made by the adult who is preparing the meals. Part of the benefit of asking how does the HCG diet work is that once you are ready to get started losing weight, you will be provided with a simple to follow meal plan that includes a shopping guide and delicious recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. Even the finickiest eater in your home will find it hard to say no to our meatballs and chicken finger recipes.

People who have tried numerous weight loss programs are often curious about the HCG diet. How does it work to reduce a pound a day and keep the weight from coming back after the diet ends? Let’s explore those answers in the next two sections.

How Does the HCG Diet Accomplish Rapid Weight Loss?

When asking how does HCG diet work, it may be beneficial to discuss how this hormone is used by pregnant women. The first trimester is often accompanied by nausea, limiting a woman’s intake of essential nutrients to nourish the growing fetus. A hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin is secreted at a much higher level at this time. HCG, as it is also known, signals the body to pull nutrients out of non-essential fat stored in the body. This fat is then used for nourishment and fuel.

In men and women who are not pregnant, HCG injections can signal the body to go after and use this same non-essential fat for fuel when a very low-calorie diet is also in effect. That is how HCG diet works. It makes use of HCG injections that shut down the body’s hunger and starvation signals and forces the burning of stored fat for fuel needed to power the individual throughout the day. Consuming only 700 calories each day creates the necessity to look inward for these fat fuel sources – hence the rapid weight loss.

Not only does the HCG help to stimulate the loss of fat, but it also helps to prevent the headaches that typically accompany feelings of extreme hunger. In addition, the Weight Loss Medical Center doctors also add vitamin B 12 which contributes to increasing energy and strengthening immunity while on the doctor prescribed HCG diet.

What Makes the HCG Diet Succeed?

Given the premise that the stored fat in the body will be burned up at a rate of half a pound to more than a pound a day, depending on how much overall weight a person has to lose, it is easy to wonder what kind of guarantee there is that all of those pounds will not find their way back onto the body once the dieting is over. When you understand how the HCG diet works and follow all of the steps in the four different phases exactly as laid out, you will see that the success in keeping that weight off is very possible.

The first two phases of the HCG diet are responsible for the weight being lost. The final two phases are equally important, because if they are not followed, then regaining of any lost pounds is possible. The key to a successful life in any area is by learning from the lessons provided to you. The same premise applies to the HCG diet. How it works to keep weight off is by retraining your brain, as follows:

  1. You will have learned how to prepare healthy meals
  2. You will have learned how to shop for nutritious foods and how to make the right choices at the grocery store
  3. Your old eating habits will be replaced by healthier ones
  4. Your taste buds will be used to other foods, and these will be the ones you crave
  5. You will have broken the sugar and carb addictions that your body had before starting the HCG diet
  6. You will love how you look and feel, and not want anything to change that

Once off of the HCG injections, you will spend a few weeks gradually increasing your caloric intake and the variety of foods that you can eat. By the time the maintenance phase begins, you will have embraced your new eating habits and be ready to enjoy your life, slimmer, trimmer, and healthier as a result of your incredible weight loss.

Weight Loss Medical Center is here to help with a personalized HCG diet program that will help you succeed where other diets have failed.