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HCG Injections for Weight Loss

HCG Injections for Weight Loss

Doctors throughout the world have been prescribing HCG injections for weight loss since they were first discovered by Dr. Simeons to aid in fat reduction back in the 1950’s. Since that time, men and women have successfully returned their bodies to a lean and trim state by eliminating the fat stores that their bodies were holding on to for periods of starvation.

The HCG protocol is a 4 phase program that works to eliminate fat from the body while reprogramming the brain and body to enjoy healthier eating habits. By the time the 4 phases have ended, a person can expect to lose up to 40 pounds or more, and keep them off. HCG hormone injections for weight loss are administered for six weeks and are followed by a few weeks of stabilization where caloric intake is gradually increased.

You will be able to use all the cooking and dining tools you have learned to make better choices once you reach your maintenance phase unless you still have more pounds to use, in which time you will be provided with another cycle of HCG injections.

Using the Power of the Body to Lose Weight

The body has many different self-preservation systems in place, one of which is the ability to store fat for periods when food intake is not forthcoming. These starvation periods, unfortunately, do not prompt the burning of fat because the body goes into its preservation mood by utilizing calories that it can find in muscles while holding on to its precious fat stores. HCG hormone injections for weight loss changes this around by fooling the body into thinking that it has consumed an abundance of food, and is, therefore, not starving. When additional calories are needed to burn for fuel, the body begins to utilize its stored fat.

The body has its own innate power to burn the stored fat – the HCG injections for weight loss help to ignite that power. The daily consumption of 700 calories is certainly not enough to fuel the day’s activities, so the body pulls the rest of the calories that it needs out of the stored fat supplies. The HCG and vitamin B 12 injections help to increase energy and keep a person from experiencing the headaches that would normally come with a reduced calorie diet.

Finding Affordable HCG Diet Injections

Affordable HCG injections for weight loss are not difficult to find if you know where to look. A doctor must prescribe the HCG diet, and provide the injections. This is not something to buy off the internet no matter how tempting the price might seem. If the website is not linked to a medical clinic, it is not going to be a legitimate, doctor-supervised HCG weight loss program.

The option of turning to a nationally based clinic such as Weight Loss Medical Center is the way to save money while ridding your body of unwanted fat. Local HCG diet clinics typically charge extra for the office visits they require while a person is utilizing HCG injections. This is not the case with our clinic since these consultations take place over the telephone. HCG injections for weight loss cost less in this situation, not to mention dealing with a national clinic will also save time by not requiring office visits at regular intervals.

If you would like further information about how HCG weight loss works, and how much weight you can expect to lose, please contact Weight Loss Medical Center for a free consultation.