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How Much Are the HCG Diet Injections Going to Cost Me?

How Much Are the HCG Diet Injections

There are as many reasons why people need or want to lose unwanted pounds as there are different price factors for this incredible weight loss program.

Why are they many different prices available?

  1. The HCG diet is available in the standard injection form or as homeopathic drops (more on this later).
  2. The program is customized for each person’s specific needs.
  3. How quickly an individual will lose the pounds, and how many cycles will be needed to accomplish the goals is subjective.

In other words, there are a number of variables that play a part in the final determination of how the cost is calculated. If you are wondering how much are the HCG diet injections going to cost me, then you will need to answer some questions first for us in order to have this figured out.

To begin with:

  1. What is the total amount of weight loss desired?
  2. How committed are you to sticking with the program?
  3. Are you willing to prepare all meals?

Perhaps the most important factor is the total amount of undesirable fat a person wants to loss from his or her body. Someone with under thirty pounds will typically find that only one cycle of HCG shots is required to accomplish this goal. More weight than that and the program will probably have to be repeated again.

The other factor, in calculating how much are the HCG diet injections for any one individual is based on the clinic that is contacted for this purpose. Doctors who require regular office visits traditionally have a higher fee associated with this protocol, and each one has its own price points making no set answer ever the same.

HCG Diet Injections – Keeping the Cost Affordable

One of the reasons that many people first start researching HCG drops is because they want to keep the cost of their weight loss as affordable as possible. While it is true that these various products on the market are less expensive in the long run, they actually do not have the same success rate as can be achieved by following the real protocol created in the 1950’s.

How much are the HCG diet injections in comparison to the drops?

Since only the injectable form of this hormone contains real human chorionic gonadotropin, it will be higher in price than a compound taken under the tongue that is typically just a blend of various types of amino acids and other herbal supplements.

So, how can a person keep the cost of real HCG shots affordable?

  1. Choose a doctor that does not require office visits. Telephone consultations save quite a bit of money over the course of the program.
  2. Make sure all supplies are included in the initial package shipment. Having to run around town to find a Sharps container, needles, alcohol prep wipes, and bacteriostatic fluid can increase the amount spent beyond what was initially quoted.

All too often, we hear stories from people who asked one company how much are the HCG diet injections and were quoted a price that they thought to be excellent, only to find out that all they were getting was the freeze-dried powder. They still needed to find everything else, which brought the price up much higher.

By including everything all at one time, Weight Loss Medical Center can offer a package price that encompasses all that a person will need to begin getting rid of those unwanted pounds right away.

Determining Your Best HCG Diet Injections Dosage

Part of the calculation process for providing an accurate HCG cost requires knowing the dosage that the individual will need to accomplish the desired weight loss. This is why a knowledgeable and experienced doctor must be contacted for help. It is never recommended for an individual to try and calculate this information on his or her own, as unwanted side effects could occur if this is not done correctly in the first place.

How much are the HCG diet injections going to cost for someone who has a little weight to lose as opposed to another individual who wants to get rid of much more?

Again, there are many variables that will be taken into effect, along with a person’s health status, age, gender, height, and weight, when making this determination. Please allow our medical experts the chance to calculate all factors to provide an accurate price.

One of the things that may occur once a person begins this HCG program is ruled by how the body metabolizes fat as a result of receiving the human chorionic gonadotropin and Vitamin B12 injections. There should be no feelings of hunger, or the side effects that could accompany that, such as headaches, dizziness, or foggy headedness. If a person is experiencing any of these issues after a week of dieting, the doctor will probably want to increase the dosage by a small increment. Remember – this must be handled by a trained medical professional.

This is one more reason why answering how much are the HCG diet injections cannot always be done with a simple number. Obviously, if the dosage is raised, the individual will go through the medication at a faster rate, necessitating the need to spend more. Our doctors use careful calculations to try and get this right the first time so that this does not become an issue.

HCG Diet Injections for Sale Come With Delicious Recipes

Being able to receive HCG injections for sale without spending hours in a doctor’s office is just one of the many benefits that can be found at Weight Loss Medical Center. Our high level of customer satisfaction and referrals speak to the service that we provide to all our clients, male and female, no matter where in the US they reside.

If you have been wondering how much are the HCG diet injections because you are tired of carrying around excess weight, isn’t it time to finally do something about it?

We are not talking about yo-yo dieting, consuming nothing but meal-replacement shakes, or cardboard-like cookies. This HCG program features real food prepared fresh at home in record time. In fact, most of the recipes require very little prep time and make use of one pot or pan.

Don’t worry about missing out on the foods you love – we provide a plethora of delicious recipes that will satisfy even the finickiest eaters.

It’s time to move beyond asking how much are the HCG diet injections and find out how quickly you can begin dropping all of those unwanted pounds.