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Doctors Who Prescribe HCG Diet Shots

Doctors Who Prescribe HCG Diet Shots

Any weight loss program should first be approved by a doctor, in order to ensure that the individual is in the proper state of health to embark on that course of action. The best choice for someone who does not want to settle for only a pound or two of lost fat each week will be doctors who prescribe HCG diet shots. HCG – human chorionic gonadotropin – has been used successfully for weight loss since the 1950’s. Countless women and men have learned how to rid their bodies of undesirable fat and keep it from coming back again.

HCG doctors have a strict protocol regarding eating habits, although this may vary from one weight loss clinic to another. In the past, the HCG diet consisted of a 500 calorie eating plan. At Weight Loss Medical Center, we have increased that to 700 calories a day without sacrificing weight loss results.

Our HCG diet doctors who prescribe these injections ensure that each person is in the proper health based on a comprehensive medical questionnaire that must be completed before receiving the HCG diet shots. Each individual is supervised throughout every phase of the program.

Why Do You Need Doctor Prescription and Supervision for HCG Diet Shots?

It is essential to contact an HCG doctor to get these injections as a prescription is required before any pharmacy will release this medication. Trying to buy HCG shots off of the internet without proper authorization can result in the receipt of illegal or contraband products that could be dangerous to use. As with any medical treatment, there are risks, and the HCG diet must be supervised at all times.

The HCG diet doctor will be experienced in this type of weight loss, and will know what to look for in the way of adverse side effects. This specialist will be able to prescribe precisely what is needed to accomplish the individual’s weight loss goal.

In addition to having the required supervision, contacting a trained professional allows for added value regarding aspects that can help get improved success – translating to faster weight loss. That is why it is best to work with an experienced doctor. HCG dieting will rapidly remove unwanted pounds and provide a healthier lifestyle.

How and Where to Find HCG Doctors

Finding HCG diet doctors is as easy as conducting an online search. That does not mean, however, that each result will be a wise choice. Only those doctors who offer the real HCG diet – with HCG injections – are following proper protocols. There is no such thing as HCG pills or drops, no matter how much other companies and doctors try to convince you of this fact. These are homeopathic products that do not contain real HCG or work in the exact same manner as HCG shots.

To get help from a legitimate and experienced HCG doctor that can help you lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days, please contact Weight Loss Medical Center today for a free consultation. You have nothing to lose except unwanted pounds.