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HCG Diet Facts: Separating Myth from Fact

HCG Facts

Separating the HCG Diet facts from myths or fiction is crucial when you want to lose weight. You may hear that the HCG Diet does not work. If that were true, it would not still be around today. More than six decades of results negate that myth.

There are also plenty of HCG Diet facts blogs online. Some offer believable truths while others make claims that are downright unrealistic. You also have to look at who is writing the blog or website articles. Is the company a legitimate medical clinic or is the writer someone who professes to have lost weight on the HCG Diet? If so, are they providing links to HCG distributors? If they are recommending a certain product, they are probably making money on your purchase.

You can rely on facts on HCG Diet websites run by doctors and medical clinics. Since only a physician can prescribe real HCG injections, you will want to ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate weight loss clinic.

That brings us to some crucial facts about HCG Diet success. While it is true that some people will lose a pound a day on the HCG diet, not everyone will. The more weight you have to lose going in, the faster it will come off in the beginning. Also, men burn stored fat quicker than women.

Top HCG Diet Myths

Now let us look at the top HCG Diet facts and myths and dispel some of the rumors:

HCG Diet Myth #1 – HCG is another fad dietFads do not stick around for over sixty years
HCG Diet Myth #2 – HCG is harmful to the bodyHCG is a natural hormone that has numerous uses, including nourishing a growing fetus and promoting testosterone production
HCG Diet Myth #3 – HCG injections are dangerousAny medication can be dangerous if not used properly – the HCG Diet is safe with doctor supervision
HCG Diet Myth #4 – You cannot exercise on the HCG DietYou can work out if you stick with gentler exercises such as swimming, yoga, walking – no heavy weights or high-intensity cardio
HCG Diet Myth #5 – HCG drops and pills are the same as injectionsOnly HCG injections contain real HCG – drops and pills are homeopathic properties that do not bring the same extensive and long-lasting results
HCG Diet Myth #6 – There are serious side effects of the HCG DietSide effects are rare when following a doctor-prescribed HCG weight loss protocol

HCG Diet Facts You Should Know

Just as there are myths, there are also HCG Diet facts that you should know:

HCG Diet Fact #1 – HCG does not make you lose weightThis is true – it is the very low-calorie diet that stimulates weight loss, the HCG helps signal the body to burn stored fat rather than pulling calories from muscle tissue
HCG Diet Fact #2 – The HCG Diet eliminates cravings and retrains your brainThe best part about the HCG Diet, besides the weight loss, it how it changes the way your body craves food, getting rid of bad cravings and substituting healthier options
HCG Diet Fact #3 – You will not be hungry even though you consume only 500 calories a dayThe purpose of the HCG is to trick your brain into thinking you are full – this allows the release of fat stored in cells for the body to use as fuel (the vitamin B12 and MIC/LIPO shots also provide energy)
HCG Diet Fact #4 – You will enjoy delicious meals on the HCG DietThanks to the abundance of easy to prepare recipes we provide, you will be enjoying delicious meals at lunch and dinner every day

We are always happy to provide more facts about the HCG Diet or answers to any questions you have. To learn more or to begin the HCG Diet and start losing weight, contact Weight Loss Medical Center for a confidential consultation at no charge.