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Does the HCG Diet for Men Really Work?

HCG for Men

You may have heard that injecting a female pregnancy hormone into your body can help you lose weight. HCG – human chorionic gonadotropin – is a hormone that exists in a small amount in everyone, men included. In fact, HCG is also used to help increase testosterone production for some men. That is why there are no “female” issues about using the HCG Diet for men who are having trouble ridding their bodies of excess fat. In fact, you will lose a significant amount of weight on the HCG Diet.

Let us start out by getting one thing straight – the HCG Diet should not be your first attempt at weight loss. Incorporating a healthy dietary lifestyle, exercise, and moderation in what you eat is the primary way to achieve weight loss. Unfortunately, that does not always work, and some people need the help of a qualified weight loss doctor. Turning to an expert is also how you reduce any HCG Diet risks for men.

Men who are at least thirty pounds overweight will benefit from the HCG Diet. Those with the highest amount of excess fat achieve the quickest results if they adhere to the HCG protocol.

How does the HCG Diet work for men?

The premise of the program is the same for men and women. Cut food intake down to between 500 and 700 calories each day. Couple that with HCG and vitamin B12 and MIC/LIPO injections for increased metabolism, fat burning, and energy. Eliminate foods that increase fat retention and cravings. Engage in daily gentle exercise.

When you do all the above, you can easily lose up to a pound a day or more on the HCG Diet.

How to Do the HCG Diet for Men

The first thing we explain to men who want to begin the HCG Diet is that they cannot work out with heavy weights or engage in high-intensity cardio exercises such as running. With a very low-calorie diet such as this, the body is not consuming enough nutrition to sustain these activities. Weight-bearing exercises are not part of the HCG Diet plan for men because they can cause the muscles to accumulate fluid.

The doctor will also determine the HCG dose for men. Diet and dosage needs are based on initial weight, desired fat loss, age, level of activity, and overall health. Caloric intake may require regulation, especially if a man has a physically demanding job. Your weight loss clinical advisor here at Weight Loss Medical Center will guide you through the program.

We will provide a complete guide to the HCG Diet for men. That will help you understand what you can and cannot eat and drink. You will also receive a plethora of easy-to-make recipes that will have food on the table in less than 30 minutes for many of the meals.

Each morning you will wake up and administer two shots:

  1. HCG injections
  2. Vitamin B12 and MIC/LIPO blend

Many HCG weight loss clinics recommend the use of vitamin B12 to provide the body with crucial support for the immune system and energy. Weight Loss Medical Center also includes our custom blend of lipotropic agents that support liver functions and fat breakdown. You will then follow the dietary guidelines for what and when to eat.

How Men Can Maximize Their HCG Diet Results

Any male who begins the HCG Diet does so for one reason – to lose weight fast. Of course, he also wants to keep those same pounds of fat from coming back again after the diet ends.

Maximizing your HCG Diet for men results starts and ends with a commitment – to your appearance and health. If you determine to follow the diet as prescribed, you will succeed at losing your desired amount of weight.

You can also increase your body’s fat-burning potential be engaging in daily physical activity. This is especially important if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. Stick to walking, moderate swimming, yoga, or light bicycling each day. This will help increase the number of calories your body burns – requiring the release of greater fat from your cells.

To learn more about how to get the HCG Diet for male weight loss, please contact us for a free consultation. Weight Loss Medical Center maintains your confidentiality by offering telephone consultations with a clinical advisor.