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Determining the Right HCG Diet Dosage

Dosage of HCG Diet

You have finally decided to rid your body of unwanted fat with the HCG Diet. The next question is what should your HCG Diet dosage be, and how do you determine it?

No matter what you read online, the only person who can determine HCG dosages is a doctor. Remember, you are injecting a hormone into your body, so the dosage used must be right for your needs. We will not advise you on how many drops to take as your HCG Diet dosage. Drops are not real HCG, and they have been proven not to be as effective as HCG injections. The same applies to pills. Weight Loss Medical Center uses only real, pharmaceutical HCG injections.

Do not expect to determine on your own by looking at the HCG Diet dosage chart below how much to administer. Many other factors go into this calculation. The HCG Diet doctor will look at the following factors:

  • Overall health history
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Height
  • How much weight to lose

Whether you are small or big-boned will also play a role in your HCG Diet dose calculator. A person weighing 200 pounds who has big bones will not need to lose as much as someone with smaller bones.

When prescribed your HCG medication, use the information in this HCG Diet injection dosage chart to prepare the shots:

  • For doses of 150 IU – .15 ml/cc is the same as 15 unit marks on the syringe
  • For doses of 175 IU – .175 ml/cc is the same as 17.5 unit marks on the syringe
  • For doses of 200 IU – .20 ml/cc is the same as 20 unit marks on the syringe

Can I Adjust My HCG Diet Dosage for Faster Weight Loss?

Never attempt to adults your HCG Diet dosage. Injections are carefully calculated by your doctor. If you do not feel as though you are losing weight quickly enough, please speak with your clinical advisor.

It may seem natural to increase your HCG dosage for diet results, but you could wind up harming your health. Remember, this is a hormone, and the doctor has determined the best dosage for your needs.

There are times when changes may be made to improve your results on the HCG Diet. Increase dosage amounts only when directed. You and your advisor may also discover that some of the healthcare products you use are hindering your results. Changing HCG dosages will not correct that issue. Instead, finding products without added oils will likely speed up your weight loss.

We also sometimes notice hidden culprits in a person’s diet, even if they think they are doing everything right. Always contact Weight Loss Medical Center if you do not lose at least three pounds during a week. We want to ensure your weight loss success.

What Do I Do If I Miss an HCG Diet Dosage?

Do not panic over an HCG Diet missed dose. HCG remains in your body for a few days, so missing a day will not cause starvation or slow your results.

When can I take my HCG Diet injections daily dosage if I realize that I forgot it?

Here are some guidelines about missed HCG doses:

  • If you cannot remember if you took your HCG dose that morning, do not take it. It is better to miss a day than to double up on your shots.
  • If it is still early in the day, go ahead and administer your HCG Diet daily dosage.
  • If it is later in the afternoon or evening when you remember, go ahead and skip that day.
  • If you panicked and took it later in the day without reading this or asking your advisor, do not worry. Just get back on track the next morning.

It is best if you can administer your daily HCG Diet dosage the same time every morning. Your body will get used to taking it at that time. Put a note on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror if that will help you remember each day. Marking days off on a calendar or chart is another excellent way of ensuring you take your shot each morning.

To learn more about the HCG Diet, please contact Weight Loss Medical Center for a free consultation.