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HCG Diet Blog

HCG Blog

One of the best ways for people to believe in a weight loss plan is when they read testimonials, reviews and blog entries that have been written by others who were successful in losing excess body fat. People who write down their experiences of shedding excess and unhealthy weight from their bodies may have no idea how much they are helping others who wish to do the same thing. People who have lost many pounds while on their personal journeys and document their experiences are doing a great deed. We thank them when they send in blog entries to our website here at Weight Loss Medical Center. We have had stories written by people from San Diego CA all the way across the country from Miami Beach FL and all in between! Our HCG diet blog has actually been a large catalyst in giving people the incentive to pick up the phone and dial our toll free phone number or to fill out our online Contact Form to speak with us about how they too can lose weight using our high quality injections along with our Vitamin B 12, our vitamin complex and eating our low calorie recommended foods. Sometimes it can be very therapeutic for a person to write down their daily routine, how they feel and what kinds of foods they are consuming on a daily basis. A daily or weekly account of the happenings in your life is what constitutes a blog and each entry shares a different experience, whether positive or negative. HCG diet bloggers can be extremely wonderful in sharing heartwarming stories of journeys towards great fat loss and a complete change in quality of one’s life. To blog is like keeping a journal. A person can write it online for anyone to read or keep it private on their home computer or in a notebook. What you blog and how you choose to share what you write will absolutely be up to you. We think it is a wonderful idea to help release feelings, to participate in catharsis and even to help others who are in similar situations to your own. We love to keep our own blog right here on the website where people share their stories. If you look at our HCG diet blog 2013, you may see a story very similar to your own.  This can help you to understand that you are not alone in this world with the feelings you have about being heavy, including your fears of ridicule, becoming victim to severe medical issues and having to deal with the daily aches and pains in your body, joins, hips, back and feet. You may have a difficult time standing on your feet for a long period of time, or have difficulty in even walking to the mailbox to get your mail without being winded. Some people have self esteem that is so low due to their weight that they fall into depression and never want to leave their homes. People from across the United States in Minneapolis MN all the way to Pensacola FL make themselves a part of an HCG Diet Blog forum as well. This is a phenomenal way of sharing stories, being able to ask questions of others who are in similar situations as your own and getting quick feedback from others who may give you advice and suggestions on how to handle a diet plan program such as ours. When reading what others say about HCG plans such as what Weight Loss Medical Center offers, it has a downside too. We always strongly advise getting information straight from the professionals who work in our clinics as the final say before believing what lay people may have to share when it comes to technical issues involving the HCG diet plan protocol and its side effects. We believe that goes for any kind of medical condition with which you are dealing at any particular time in your life. Always use professionals for gathering accurate information and lay people to share similar situations and experiences. If you have a wonderful experience on our plan protocol, we would love for you to share how simple and easy the program was for you to follow. Many people learn about how caring, understanding and compassionate our knowledgeable expert clinical advisors and licensed doctors are through reading blog entries. From Charlotte NC all the way to Dallas TX, people are writing to their heart’s content about how they feel during each of the 4 phases of our diet plan.

HCG Diet Weight Loss Blog

So many people have waited many years before making the decision to finally become part of an HCG weight loss plan protocol. Their reasons are all different including fear of failure, fear of not having the time or the money, wanting to try over the counter remedies first, not having a support system who they believe will be there for them or just simply not knowing where to turn to find a reputable and well known clinic that has a proven successful track record. Well congratulations! You have just found one of the best clinics in the USA that is being raved about by people from one end of the country in Fresno CA to the other end of the country in Boston MA. They either found us through an HCG diet weight loss blog (which we consider to be word of mouth) or they found us through researching online or from someone they know who was successful at losing excess fat with us and verbally shared their experience. No matter how you found us, we are happy that you did because you are about to begin a journey of a lifetime that can actually save your life from falling victim to some very serious medical conditions such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes or other issues such as sleep apnea, high cholesterol and the horrors such as having to deal with daily aches and pains in your body and joints. On top of all these physical ailments that accompany being heavy, there are also many psychological issues that can plague a person in serious ways. We have read many HCG diet blog before and after entries that shared stories of people who fell into deep depressions and had no will to live because they could barely do anything except practically tip the scale; however, after participating in our weight loss plan, they became completely different people. Once they shed the unwanted excess unhealthy fat from their bodies, they were able to become active, to travel, to spend time with family and friends and to even go shopping for brand new clothing that they never before thought they would ever fit into. Their self esteem soared to new levels and this became very apparent not only to themselves, but to those around them as well. Our program can help you lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days, which is very quick weight loss. When you follow the directives of our HCG diet plan, you will be doing a clinically proven safe and effective program that has helped people to feel wonderfully strong and healthy while they are only eating a very low 700 calories per day. How can a person eat such a little amount and not starve? The trick is our very powerful yet gentle HCG injections in combination with our Vitamin B 12 and our vitamin complex. A person who only ingests this small number of calories without our supplements would be putting their health at a great risk. That is why we have our carefully created combination of injections and food items and our 4 phases that are carefully planned out perfectly to help with very safe weight loss. When you read HCG diet blog phase 2 entries, you will be reading where most of the work is done. This is the phase where a person begins to eat only 700 calories per day while taking the injections. When most people hear the low number of calories they will be eating per day during this phase, they are usually terrified and never believe that it is possible to do. When they are used to eating and indescribable amount more than only 700 calories, it is very difficult to believe the change will be possible, but it is. This is where reading blog entries comes into play as a very positive way to understand the diet plan. If you read what people write about this low amount of food intake and how they were able to do it without feeling cranky or moody because they were not hungry, this will give you great confidence that you can do it too. Please keep reading to learn more.

HCG Diet Blog Recipes

One of the very positive aspects about blog writing when it comes to people who are experiencing similar issues, situations or journeys such as the HCG weight loss plan is the sharing that goes on. It is priceless. We always like to disclaim, when referring to sharing information through blogs that it is imperative that you always check with a professional here at Weight Loss Medical Center before believing that anything that a lay person says about the HCG diet is 100 percent true. They may be completely accurate or unknowingly give false information. We never want you to have the wrong knowledge base when going into such an important decision making process in your life as to whether or not this kind of program is for you. So, just be sure to check back with us if you are questioning anything that does not seem accurate. HCG diet recipe blog sharing can be wonderful. Part of what we do here at Weight Loss Medical Center is give you a full list of appropriate foods that you can eat during phase 2 of our protocol. We never want you to be walking down the grocery store aisles and not know whether or not certain food is appropriate for our plan or not. This is why we give you a detailed list that you can take with you shopping. We will also help you with different ways to prepare recipes to make low calorie meals that that are tasty and delicious. We want you to enjoy what you are eating and often when you try new foods, this is something that you will have to get used to. There are so many different HCG diet food recipe blogs that are written by people who have experimented with different concoctions of low calorie foods and spices to liven up these healthy food choices that are not always loved by all without some spices. Many times it becomes a hobby and a challenge for people to come up with new, exciting and different ways of creating a menu from our list of appropriate diet foods. We do our best to give you a wide array of choices; however, the truth is that food choices will be minimized to fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meats such as chicken and fish. People try to come up with different ways of preparing these types of foods to give themselves variety. We love when they share their HCG diet food menus with others who are also trying to enjoy the foods that they must eat during phase 2. When you read different blog entries for different recipes, we always want to advise you to make sure that the foods and condiments or spices are acceptable on the program. Sometimes people will add things that are not allowed and post them in blogs. Again, this is when we ask you to please check with your clinical advisor here at Weight Loss Medical Center to make sure that you will not be eating any food items that will sabotage your progress. You will have been working so diligently towards losing 1 pound per day, that we would never want you to make one mistake that will change everything. We do not mean to scare you away from HCG recipes in online blogs; however, we just want you to be extra careful that you know the food items and preparation methods are correct and allowed in your diet plan protocol. We will not reveal the identity of a client who called us from Oklahoma City OK to ask us about a recipe that he found in an online blog from a person who shared tons of recipes that sounded delicious. This client is a perfect example of what we always wanted you to do. He found one recipe in particular that he liked and he checked all the different items in the ingredients to make it. He discovered that all but one item was on his list of appropriate foods that he could eat during HCG diet plan phase 2. When he called us to ask if that one item not on our list was okay to use, he found out that it was not. This smart gentleman saved himself a lot of heartache. If he did not check in with us to make sure that all the ingredients in the recipe were appropriate, he could have sabotaged is incredible progress that he had already made with us. Both his clinical advisor and he were both extremely happy that he made that phone call to inquire with us. Do not be afraid to use recipes that you find on online blogs; however, if you do have a question about a specific ingredient, we would always want you to do check with us.

A recently asked question regarding HCG diet information blog:

Tony S. from Austin TX wrote to us and shared: I do emergency roadside assistance and have been doing this kind of work for quite some time now. Although it is very physical work, it does not help me to burn calories. If you get a flat tire while driving or find out your battery needs a jump or whatever other problem you may incur, I am the person who gets dispatched to assist you. Now, I must admit that I am overweight and not by a little, but more like a lot. All I know is that being heavy does not make my job easy and it also does not help me do my job quickly. We are often standing in the hot sun for hours while I sweat and try to fix the problem. I have been looking for HCG diet information blog entries to see if I can make some healthier food choices at home for myself. I am a bachelor that does not even have the courage or self esteem to date because I am so heavy. One day I got called out to help some teenagers change a tire and while I was bending down to work on it, I heard them snickering. Then I distinctly heard one of them say, "crack kills!" Yeah, so I was one of those guys who had the top of his butt crack showing. I had to pretend I did not hear anything as I finished up the job, but the decision was already made in my head that I was going to find an HCG diet plan to begin to lose my extra weight once and for all. When I was done and got back in my truck, I actually cried a little. I can imagine those kids continuing to laugh at me. I have been laughed at before, but it has now come to a head. The problem is that I want to lose this weight badly, but I am unsure what kind of options your clinic can offer me. Can you please help?

We would absolutely love to help you, Tony. With us, you can lose as much as 30 pounds in 30 days or 1 pound per day by following our very simple and convenient 4 phase diet plan protocol. If you feel you are up to committing to changing your body after all of these years and having it become healthy, strong and lean, we have the HCG diet doctors and clinics to help make it possible for you. Please pick up the phone and dial our toll free phone number or fill out our online Contact Form. This is how you will reach one of our expert clinical advisers who will guide you step by step through our program so that you can shed your extra weight that is holding you back from doing the best job you possibly can and to discontinue the snickering and rude comments made by others who may think the things they say are funny when in actuality, they are very hurtful. We want you to not only lose the pounds for aesthetic reasons, but also for physical reasons so that you do not run into in any serious medical problems. By working with our HCG local diet clinics, we can also help you to increase your self esteem, self worth and help you to feel better about yourself overall. That will happen daily when you see the weight falling off your body once you start working with us. When you contact us, we will discuss your goals for treatment and have you fill out an online medical history form so that we can make sure that you are appropriate for our program. If you are, our licensed doctors will write your prescription for you. Phase 1 of the plan will be a breeze and during phase 2, you may start to read many different recipes online from blog entries that will share different ways to prepare the foods that you will be eating during phase 2 of our diet plan. There is a lot of help for you out there, but we always want you to check with us before listening to any information in blogs or other online resources. Since you are working with us, we will be the ones that will write your prescription for you and know exactly what your weight loss plan protocol will look like for you to reach optimal success in meeting your goals. Contact as soon as you can to start changing your life for the best!

If you can begin writing one of your own personal HCG diet blogs, you may be surprised at how much it helps you both physically and emotionally while you are trying to lose excess body fat. Keeping track of your daily routine as to when you self administer your injections, the kinds of foods you are eating, how you are feeling and how many pounds you are losing can be very beneficial to your overall progress. We hope to hear from you soon to begin a wonderful journey of weight loss and better health and happiness.