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HCG Diet Allowed Foods

HCG Diet

Will this finally be the year when you actually shed all of your unhealthy and unwanted weight not for only a month and not for only a year, but for the rest of your life? Say Yes! with conviction and you are already on your way! We are here at Kingsberg Medical to set you up with a lifelong healthy eating plan. We will teach you how to eat well without believing that you will have to eat what many call rabbit food and be miserable doing so for the rest of your days. We will give you plenty of different food choices which are very healthy and low in calories and that are all of course welcomed to be consumed as directed when you are working with our clinics. In fact, you will be surprised at the HCG diet allowed foods that you actually enjoy that you will find on our list. Make this the year that you make not only yourself proud at your accomplishments, but your friends and loved ones will be proud of you too because you have finally become motivated and completely committed to a weight loss plan protocol that you can finally succeed on due to its ease and convenience. The diet plan is short term, will teach you fabulous eating habits that you can share with your entire family and that should last. Many people end up throwing in the towel on their attempts at weight loss because they are just not on the right programs for them. We understand how to very difficult it is to lose unwanted fat, especially around the belly area and to keep it off. Our HCG food list will teach you wonderful habits and give you a leg up on what most other dieters do not have; the knowledge of how to make realistic goals for how many pounds they wish to shed and to have a very clear understanding as to what they can eat and what they can’t eat. What they are also missing in their program, which we give to you in our program are our remarkable HCG injections that help to reduce appetite, while kicking in metabolism so that you lose weight in a clinically safe and proven effective way. You will also be taking our Vitamin B 12 and our vitamin complex for energy and brain food. That is it. As long as you stick to the directives given to you from our doctors, you will lose weight. How do I get a prescription to get list of allowed HCG foods? You will simply begin the process by calling our toll free number for filling out our online Contact Form. Speak with one of our expert clinical advisors about your weight loss issues and your goals in working with our clinics. We will have to fill out an online medical history form which will be reviewed and analyzed comprehensively by our fully trained and licensed staff of medical doctors. If they feel you are a great candidate for our program, they will write a prescription for you and you will be ready to begin the greatest journey of your adult life towards great health and happiness. There is nothing that we are keeping from you at this point to bringing you to a place where you can lose 30 pounds in 30 days. Please continue to read to learn more!

HCG Diet Allowed Foods List

When most people begin a diet plan that is completely different from their normal lifestyle and requires them to completely change the way that they live, eat and exist, if they are not very easily able to deal with change, they will most likely not be successful. This is especially true when they do not have the support and guidance from professionals who understand how weight loss works and it is even more true when working with a clinic who uses a nontraditional program like we do, but does not run the program the way we do here at Kingsberg Medical. Restricting foods from a person used to eating very high caloric choices is something that is often either very difficult or impossible for people to stick to. Our HCG diet allowed foods list is at least a start to knowing what foods a person can eat when working with us and what foods they cannot eat. Then, along with our complete support from our advisors who are available during all normal business hours for questions or concerns or for simply just guidance and moral support, this makes it easier to understand the food restrictions, and how our HCG injections, Vitamin B 12 and vitamin complex works in combination with the low 700 calorie diet to produce lasting weight will loss. This can very well be fat that does not return to the body in weeks, months or even years after you complete our program if you have learned how to correctly manage what we have taught you. Most similar programs to ours do not give clients a complete list of foods allowed on the HCG diet plan protocol and they also have minimal to no support for clients. That means that people are left on their own when they already have minimal will power to stay away from inappropriate food choices, may not fully understand how, when or where to self administer the injections, and this can lead to disaster. Our licensed physicians medically supervise your progress the entire time you are working with us. As we have mentioned, our expert clinical advisors will always be available to you via phone during normal business hours or you can always send an e-mail to be answered as soon as it is received. When you are accepted onto our diet program and your prescription is written, all that you need will be shipped directly and discreetly to the address that you give to us. Our HCG list of foods will also be shipped straight to you in our weight loss kit along with your medications and supplies as soon as you are accepted as a viable candidate for our program. What does this mean? You will fill out our online medical history for and our doctors will review your information to make sure you are in a position health wise where you can tolerate the conditions of our plan. If you get a prescription to work with us, there should be no reason to be a diet dropout. We provide you with everything that you need from the highest quality HCG injections on the market today to amazing customer service with professionals who truly care about your health and well being. If you ever have questions about your list of HCG appropriate food choices, you can always call our expert clinical advisors who are available during all normal business hours to answer all of your questions about anything pertaining to your progress. Our number one goal is to make sure you are safe and healthy and our other goal is to make sure you are always fully educated and knowledgeable about exactly what you have to do in order to follow our 4 phase protocol for great lasting weight loss. Reach out and contact us today because we cannot wait to hear from you. We will help you to feel extremely comfortable and strong as you are melting excess stored fat from your body each day. That could be happening as soon as you reach out and contact us to begin.

List Of Allowed Foods On HCG Diet

Usually, most people have the best intentions to shed unwanted and unsightly pounds when they go on a diet. Otherwise, why would they put themselves through a complete change in lifestyle, usually an unpleasant one, if they were not at least minimally serious about getting themselves healthy and minimizing some possible serious medical issues that come along with being overweight? However, unfortunately, the reality is that two thirds of Americans are overly heavy and were never able to follow a weight loss routine on their own, which almost always led to failure and sometimes, even more weight gain. Work with Kingsberg Medical, and you will have a really different and very pleasant experience. Along with teaching you which appropriate HCG food choices you should purchase at the grocery store and the correct ways to prepare these foods, you will have the opportunity for constant contact with our clinical advisors. You will also have continuous medical supervision from our licensed physicians too. We will follow your progress on a daily basis if necessary to make sure that you do not fail, but stay motivated, inspired and lose weight on a daily basis. Most people lose at least 1 pound per day by following our combination of our HCG injections, our Vitamin B 12, our vitamin complex and eating our 700 low calorie plan (at least in phase 2 of the program). We will explain each of the phases so that you understand what you will need to do and what foods are allowed on HCG Diet. Another positive aspect to our weight loss plan protocol is that you will begin to see results immediately upon beginning the 2nd phase of the plan. When the results are not fast enough on a traditional method of weight loss, and maintaining a routine that seems as though it is not working, people often get very frustrated and they throw in the towel and give up too soon. As we know, most people like instant gratification. Traditional methods do not usually give that to you, but our plan does! It has been noted in the literature that most people last about 6 months on a diet plan before they give up. We will do everything in our power to not allow that to happen with you when you are working with our HCG diet plan. We are pretty sure that with our combination of injections and well spelled out eating pattern, you will feel strong and healthy because you will be filled with all nutrients that are needed in order to keep energized and filled with great amounts of brain fuel! You will also be absolutely thrilled to see the number on the scale drop every day. Do not waste another minute and get in contact with us today to change your life in ways that will keep a smile on your face every single day. Call our toll free phone number or fill out our online Contact Form to begin the process of transforming your body. We cannot wait to send you our weight loss kit which will include everything that you will need to lose as much as 30 pounds in 30 days, including a very straightforward list of allowed foods on HCG diet. We believe this is very important to have so that you are never guessing what is appropriate to eat and what is not appropriate to eat as you are strolling down the grocery store aisles. You can even bring the list with you to the store so that you do not have to remember what you can buy or what you should not purchase. We are right here and waiting for you because we want to add you onto our list of our incredible success stories that have come from people all across the country in Anaheim CA all the way to Tallahassee FL and all in between. We cannot wait to hear from you when you call to tell us how happy you are with your results.

Foods Allowed On The HCG Diet

We get called on a daily basis from people all over the country from Santa Ana CA all the way to the East Coast in New York NY asking us to give them an idea of what they are allowed to eat when they are in the 700 calorie phase of our diet plan protocol, which is phase 2. This is a very fair question; however, we always feel compelled to share that while you are ingesting our low caloric intake, which seems almost impossible to people immediately upon hearing that low number compared to what they are used to eating, that our HCG injections along with our Vitamin B 12 and our vitamin complex will help in many ways to endure happily eating only the foods allowed on the HCG diet. These are the ways our combination for the protocol will work:

  1. Phase 1 will prepare you for the low calorie intake in phase 2
  2. Our HCG injections work to suppress the appetite by sending signals to the hypothalamus (the hunger control center of the brain) telling the body to not be hungry
  3. Your metabolism will kick in to have the body feed off of your excess stored fat
  4. Our Vitamin B 12 and vitamin complex will give you the nutrients needed to keep you energized and full of brain fuel

This combination has been clinically proven to be successful and safe through over 50 years of research and testing before being used with actual clients here in the US from Kansas City MO to Chula Vista TX. Our food list will be relatively different for each phase of our program. HCG diet allowed foods phase 1 will consist of only 2 days of indulging in your favorite fatty foods such as hamburgers, pizza, hot dogs, ice cream, French fries, etc; as much as you can eat. As we know this sounds odd to be asked to eat all kinds of unhealthy foods filled with as much fat as possible, it is how we prepare your body for phase number 2 which will include our eating only a low 700 calories. Phase 1 will consist of taking our injections too. In phase 2, you will continue with the injections and this is where your body will feed off of all that excess fat that you just entered into your body. You will be eating only healthy foods from our list in 3 separate meals per day with one fruit snack such as an orange, apple, lime, lemon, strawberries, etc. You will eat lean meats too such as fish and chicken. Welcome to your new HCG diet allowed foods phase 2. Like most traditional fat reducing plans, it is very difficult for people to go from eating thousands of calories per day to a very small number of calories daily without preparing the body for this adjustment. We will prepare you in the best possible way that has been proven to be safe for your body. The Human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG that we use for our injections is a bioidentical formula of the natural hormone that is already produced in your body. It helps to control appetite and when given in excess, will help you to not feel hungry. Discovered by the famous British endocrinologist Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, people from Jacksonville FL all the way to Reno NV want to know how to get involved with this remarkable Dr. Simeons HCG Diet Plan Protocol. They want to know what is involved and what they have to do in order to get working with us. They obviously know that they have been doing many things incorrectly and that is why they have not lost weight yet, so they come to us hopeful that we will be the correct program that will finally allow them to shed pounds and to keep them off long term. Why do people not lose body fat on traditional diet plans? They often choose the wrong program that does not fit their lifestyle and they end up giving up way too quickly. They may make unrealistic weight loss expectations and goals for themselves believing that they can lose large amounts of excess fat in a very short period of time. When they find they are not losing the pounds in their expected time frame, they quit. They may know that they will have to change the kinds of foods that they eat to ones that we have on our HCG allowed diet plan protocol food list, but they do not do anything to change their environments. They may keep themselves surrounded by junk food and high fatty foods that are absolutely inappropriate for any weight loss program. This does not help with their will power, as seeing the foods you love most to be right in front of you can be enough to break anyone’s determination to stay away from those items. Why put yourself in that position? Most people do not realize what they are doing and this sabotages any chances of success. They may go out with friends and family to their favorite restaurants and be once again tempted with high calorie and high fatty foods that they should never be eating while trying to lose fat. Our doctor medically supervised HCG weight loss program will help you to change your lifestyle in the most convenient way without you really knowing that much change is happening. Yes, you will have to self administer your injections on a daily basis during phase 1 and phase 2, and you will have to pack specially proportioned and chosen food items for your meals for work or even at home, but this could be a great lifestyle change that can be supported by the entire family. It is always wonderful to have the correct support from friends, family and professionals, as this is what helps most people to succeed on any diet plan. Kingsberg Medical will always give you that support on a daily basis during your progress. We will do everything in our power to educate you for a lifetime of proper eating and exercising habits to keep your beautiful, new and lean physique for the rest of your life.

Our HCG low calorie diet food list is surprisingly simple to follow when you see the choices and understand how they will immeasurably affect your body to help shed unwanted pounds and reduced the risk of some very serious major medical issues, not to mention increasing your self esteem because you now love your reflection in the mirror. We have helped scores of people from Houston TX all the way to Charlotte NC and they have felt strong and full of energy while taking our HCG injections our Vitamin B 12 and our vitamin complex along with eating our low calorie diet and phase 2. They have learned lessons for a lifetime on how to eat well, shop well and prepare their foods well – and they even shared these wonderful habits with their families so that everyone can remain healthy and happy during their lifetimes as well.