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HCG Diet: Apple Day – What to Know

HCG Diet Apple

No matter what type of diet you are on, you will likely hit a weight loss plateau at some point. We counter that with the HCG Diet apple day.

What is the apple day and when can I do it?

The HCG Diet apple day protocol jumpstarts your weight loss when you have gone three days without any downward change on the scale. One variance to this rule is women who experience a plateau or weight gain during their periods. Retaining excess water during your menstrual cycle is natural. Give it a few more days after your cycle before using the apple day.

Some people experience HCG Diet apple day results of up to three pounds lost. It is typical to lose as much on the apple day as you would have the previous three days.

It can be frustrating to stay on a diet and not see any results. Even HCG dieters hit one or two plateaus during their six-week Phase 2 cycle. Many people wait it out knowing that after a few days they will start losing weight again. A plateau will always correct itself.

The primary purpose of the HCG Diet apple day is to eliminate excess water stored in the body.

Never do an apple day on a day when not administering an HCG injection.

If you experience HCG Diet weight gain after apple day, please contact Weight Loss Medical Center to discuss your situation.

Why Should You Consider Doing an HCG Diet Apple Day?

Aside from hitting a plateau, there may be other reasons why you should consider an apple day. When on a weight loss program such as the HCG Diet, it is normal to get emotionally invested in your results. The HCG Diet apple day alternative can provide the psychological boost needed to see the program through to the end. Jumpstarting your weight loss can make quite a difference in your willpower and results. The HCG apple day will help cleanse your digestive tract and eliminate accumulated water.

The other time we often see people turning to the HCG apple day is after they have given into temptation. Using the HCG Diet apple day after cheating is not necessary in most cases. One bad day does not negate your program, and returning to your normal 500 calorie meal plan will often suffice. If not, or if you feel that you can benefit emotionally from the HCG apple day, go ahead and do it for one day. Never do the HCG Diet apple day for more than one day. Your body requires protein that you will not get from apples.

How to Do the HCG Diet Apple Day

The HCG Diet apple day instructions are simple, eat nothing but apples for 24 hours. Of course, there are rules to follow, such as drinking a full glass of water within 30 minutes after waking. Consume nothing else but water until noon.

Beginning at noon, you will follow these HCG apple day instructions:

  • Drink only as much water as your body needs for thirst throughout the day
  • Lunch – one apple
  • Mid-afternoon snack – one apple
  • Dinner – one apple
  • Mid-evening snack – one apple
  • Next morning – one apple
  • Next day mid-morning snack – one apple
  • Next day lunch – your choice of an HCG Diet recipe – no fruit at this meal

Drink as little water as possible since you are trying to eliminate stored water during your apple day.

We know that eating six raw apples can get tiring even if you do change the varieties. Our HCG Diet apple day recipes allow you to bake your apples in water and sprinkle them with nutmeg, cinnamon, or other spices for variety. You also do not have to consume six apples during the 24 hours if you are not hungry. You may use large apples, but the larger the apples, the higher the carbohydrates and calories.

If the HCG Diet apple day didn’t work, it is time for a consultation with your weight loss advisor to find out why you are not losing weight. Call Weight Loss Medical Center for a free consultation.