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Follow the HCG Protocol to Lose Weight Fast

HCG Protocol

Losing weight fast is not a fallacy – people are accomplishing it every single day. What is even more important is that they are not only keeping it off, but they are transforming the way they are viewing and enjoying food. That is the basis of the HCG protocol. HCG diet doctors provide a complete supervised program that teaches you how to eat for real world results and benefits.

Following the HCG diet protocol is easy. It is laid out in four simple phases that everyone can adhere to with ease. In other words, it is a step by step process that facilitates rapid weight loss.

The 4 phases of the HCG protocol diet are:

  • Phase 1

The beginning of the HCG weight loss diet consists of a two-day loading period. During these two days, people will eat an abundance of foods high in fat content. It is crucial to complete this phase as instructed. The body will need this fat to be in the bloodstream at the start of the weight loss portion of the diet. A minimum of 2000 calories of high-fat foods (not sugar) is required each day.

  • Phase 2

On the third day of the HCG injection protocol, caloric intake will be reduced down to 700 each day. The types of food to be consumed will be restricted – no more fats, sugars, or carbs. The body will be ready to use the fat that is circulating in the bloodstream and then pull the rest directly from stored fat cells. This is when weight loss of a pound a day is average.

  • Phase 3

Once the 40 days of HCG injections come to an end, each person will have two last days consuming 700 calories without the shots. This is the start of the stabilization period that will last for a few more weeks. Other foods will be brought back into the daily meal plan (still no sugar). Caloric intake will also increase at a gradual rate. The body will stabilize during this period. No weight should be gained if done correctly, and some people continue to lose weight during this time.

  • Phase 4

This is the maintenance phase – the rest of your life. You can now enjoy your life trimmer and healthier than before you started the HCG diet. Your newly learned eating habits will help you maintain your slimmer body for years to come.

Get the Doctor Prescribed HCG Protocol for Quick Weight Loss

In order to get the HCG protocol, you must contact an HCG diet doctor to be screened for this program. Although most people typically do qualify as candidates for HCG weight loss, there are some who will not, and this is usually because of some prior or current health conditions.

When you are prescribed by a doctor to begin the HCG diet, you will receive a complete HCG diet kit from Weight Loss Medical Center that contains all necessary supplies, HCG and vitamin B 12 injections, the shopping guide of allowable foods, daily meal plan instructions, and easy to prepare HCG protocol recipes that are so delicious you probably will not realize you are eating healthy foods.

Where to Get an Easy to Follow HCG Diet Protocol

It may seem as though you can get the HCG weight loss protocol from numerous sources on the internet, but all HCG diets are not created the same. There are still many companies and medical clinics that adhere to the original 500 calories a day protocol established in the 1950’s by Dr. Simeons. This program is outdated and is often the cause of adverse side effects.

Weight Loss Medical Center’s doctors have improved the original HCG diet protocol by increasing the daily intake to 700 calories and including vitamin B 12 injections as part of the program. B 12 helps to protect and strengthen the immune system, increases energy, and aids in weight loss. Our clients continue to lose the same amount of weight they did before these changes, but they report more energy and overall feelings of well-being.

If you want to get rid of those excess pounds once and for all, give Weight Loss Medical Center a call.