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HCG Weight Loss Program for Quick Weight Loss

HCG Weight Loss Program

The time to banish fat once and for all has arrived. There is no need to settle for the slow removal of excess fat when the HCG weight loss program can help you burn up to a pound a day – or more – with 4 simple steps. These steps are the 4 phases of the HCG diet.

Since the 1950’s, men and women throughout the world have found a way to rid their bodies of unwanted fat at a fast pace. Many see results of thirty pounds gone in thirty days. This revolutionary approach to weight loss isn’t really revolutionary at all. It combines a very low-calorie diet with a natural hormone that can stop hunger and trigger the brain to force the body into utilizing stored fat rather than muscle for energy.

On the HCG weight loss program diet, you can expect to eat 3 meals a day, have snacks if needed, and reprogram your body and your mind to crave foods that are healthy for you, rather than addicting and harmful. Most people report that they lose all desire for sugar and fried foods by the end of the program, and now, you can, too.

HCG Weight Loss 4 Phase Program

The unique HCG injection weight loss program is your ticket to fat burning success. Each one of the 4 phases has been designed to provide your body with what it needs to end food addictions and cravings, mobilize and burn stored fat, and then stabilize at your lower weight.

Here is a brief overview of the 4 phase HCG weight loss program:

  • Phase 1

Days 1 and 2 of the HCG diet are considered Phase 1. This is where you will begin your daily vitamin B 12 and HCG injections. You will also eat your fill of all of the foods that you know are bad for you – French fries, pizza, pasta, potatoes, ribs, greasy burgers – think high fat. You must consume at least 2000 calories a day – but limit your sugar intake. High fat is best. The purpose of this is to get an ample supply of fat into your bloodstream for day 3.

  • Phase 2

Day 3 begins Phase 3 and rapid weight loss. You will now lower your daily intake to 800 calories, eliminating all fat, sugar, dairy, carbohydrates, and starches from your diet. Do not worry; you will have an abundance of lean protein choices, fresh vegetables and fruits, stevia to sweeten your beverages, herbs and seasonings, and delicious recipes to enjoy.

  • Phase 3

After six weeks of injections, it will be time to stabilize at the weight you have reached. The HCG shots will stop, and you can start to add certain foods back into your diet – still avoiding sugar and starchy foods. Calorie intake will increase to 1000, and then 1200 a day. After a few weeks of this phase, those who have more weight to lose can repeat Phase 2 and their HCG injections.

  • Phase 4

Phase 4 begins when you have reached your desired weight. This is considered maintenance and will last the rest of your life. You can eat anything you want, and will use your new dietary habits to make the best choices. We even provide you with ways of recovering from days that might have seen you indulging too much.

How to Get Started on the HCG Program

The best way to get started on the HCG weight loss program diet is to contact an HCG clinic such as Weight Loss Medical Center. Our doctors will review the information you provide on the detailed health history report to determine if you are a candidate for the rapid weight loss HCG program. If so, all necessary supplies, medications, meal plans, shopping guides, and delicious and easy to prepare recipes will be sent directly to you.

All medications come straight from a fully licensed US pharmacy, and the HCG weight loss program cost will be determined by the total amount of weight you want to lose. The more extra pounds you have, the more cycles you will need to reach your goal.

Most people can expect to lose between 30 and 40 pounds on an HCG cycle. To find out more about what you can personally expect, contact Weight Loss Medical Center for a consultation with a clinical advisor at no charge.